Original Spoiler Page

A Tribute To The Original Spoiler
There are many stories out there about the Spoiler, but there was only one Original Spoiler aka Don Jardine.  He was of course one of the toughest "old school" wrestlers in the business, and if you ask any wrestler out there he didn't take guff from anyone!!! I knew him personally.  He was my husband.  He was a kind, gentle, thoughtful man, and I used to call him my "teddy bear."  It stood for "tough on the outside but soft on the inside."  Every Christmas was a frantic search to find him just the right teddy bear, and each bear had it's own special name depending on where we had traveled that year, or where we were living.  He was my rock, my mentor, and I am the luckiest person to have known such an amazing man.  He will forever be my yellow rose from Texas where he spent the majority of his life and wrestling career.  Forever missed but never forgotten.  Love Becky & Jeffrey.